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#1. Simon Coulson's YouTube Hacker Course: HERE and Internet Business School HERE




#3. Paul Murphy's 'Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever' (MIFGE): HERE




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Marketing & Earnings Disclaimer

A common marketing practice is to provide 'FREE of charge' content to
potential clients and customers before a product and/or a service offer is made
where the Price and Value will need to be determined by the client and/or the
customer consistent with the results of due diligence performed by the client
and/or the customer...
When a product and/or service is purchased as the direct result of a referral
from this website, Richard Parsons may or may not receive a perceptably large
or small commission for the act of making that referral...
The provider of the products and/or services will have incorporated the cost of
referral commission into their product and/or service offerings...
Richard Parsons is already likely to be a client and/or customer of these products
and services, some of which may be subject to a 'money back' guarantee...

Conversations at Lunchclub & Facebook

Conversations are a great way of guarding against misleading information...
'AI and the Future of Humanity' is a 'must watch' video delivered by the author
of 'Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind', Yuval Noah Harari...
The objective of a conversation is to establish whether or not there is sufficient
rapport between individuals from which a relationship might develop...
facilitates casual conversations that lead to 'not-so-casual'
professional impact...

Networking and a Final Thought    Top of Page

Richard Parsons joined LunchClub in August 2020 and has had in excess of 300
conversations with fellow members. He was invited by a fellow networker from
whom he had learnt the importance of relationship building in business...
Richard practices Know, Like & Trust through Loyalty, Brand & Verify...

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